WINNERS Lacrosse spring Leagues

Spring is the main season for lacrosse from mid-March to late May! We currently run two leagues, for middle and elementary school boys and girls. The District Lacrosse League is our middle school league, where players will select which school team to join based on location. The DC Stars Lacrosse League is our elementary school league, which is community-based and teams are formed at random. Any boy or girl that lives in DC in grades K-8 is welcome to register, no matter experience!

Schools that are participating in 2018 Middle School District Lacrosse League:

  • DC International School

  • Chavez

  • Achievement Prep

  • Center City Charter School - Congress Heights



  • Capital City PCS

  • Friendship Tech





However, if you do not attend one of these schools and wish to play you can! All you have to do is pick which one works for you!



DC STARS is an Elementary school league that is community based for players in grades 1 - 5. We offer THREE locations:

Register for one of the following three locations:

1. DC STARS NW: Practices Wednesdays at Francis  Field 6- 7:00 -  and Sundays GIRLS 4 - 5 pm; BOYS 5- 6pm at Jellef Recreation Center

Wednesday Location: Francis Field: 2500 N St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Sunday Location for games: Jellef Recreation Center: 3265 S St NW, Washington, DC 20007

2. DC STARS NE: Sundays 11- 2 (girls 11- 12:30, boys 12:30 - 2)

Location: Bruce Monroe Park: 3012 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC 20001

3. DC STARS SE: Sundays 11 - 2 (girls 11- 12:30, boys 12:30 - 2)

Location: Anacostia Park  - corner of Good Hope Road and Anacostia Dr




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My daughters are thankful for being able to experience lacrosse for the first time with such a great group of coaches...A HUGE thank you for offering a free week, we never would have simply ‘tried’ it otherwise.
— WINNERS Parent