We are excited to share some footage from the WINNERS Lacrosse Girls All-Star team trip to Baltimore, MD that you might have missed if you don't follow us on Snapchat (do it now @winnerslacrosse)! Thanks to the generosity of the Hopkins Women's Lacrosse staff, they opened their doors to show our girls the amazing facilities they utilize in the Cordish Lacrosse Center and Homewood Field. Head Coach Janine Tucker took the girls through each room, giving tips and advice along the way to help the girls succeed on and off the field. 

After the tour, we headed to Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Most of the girls hadn't been to Baltimore, and despite the rainy weather we were able to show them a ton! We ate lunch with a perfect view of the water, took the girls shopping, heard "the fudge guy" sing, and of course made everyone try Old Bay! 

Once we were able to drag the girls out of the candy shop, we headed to the field to play against the Baltimore City Lacrosse and Leadership team from the Commodore John Rodgers Middle School. The game was very competitive and close! Most importantly, both teams had a blast! After the game, all of the girls ate some pizza and were able to spend some time together! 

Hope you enjoy the video, it was a great day for all! Thank you again to everyone who made this happen!