Happy new year from WINNERS Lacrosse! Last time I checked in, we had just returned from our exciting trip to Denver, Colorado to meet with other organizations just like ours at the Urban Lacrosse Summit.

Since then, we’ve been extremely busy preparing for the spring season. Planning for this season has been completely different for me than last year for so many reasons. One main reason is that I know more now about what needs to happen after having a year under my belt. Another reason is due to the huge increase in schools reaching out to add lacrosse in their schools to our middle school District Lacrosse League (DLL)! Right now, we could more than double the number of teams in the DLL. Last year four boys and five girls teams participating in the DLL.

The biggest thing we have to do is get kids excited about the sport and interested in playing. I’m sure you can guess; no players mean no teams. Starting mid-November through the end of the month and potentially into February we have been going into schools and teaching gym classes for the day. We have found the most successful approach is to talk about the sport, show the kids YouTube videos of how the sport is played, and with fiddle sticks let the students try it out for themselves.

To date, we have been able to introduce lacrosse to over 900 students in nearly two months, and with more presentations ahead that number will easily reach over 1,000 prior to the start of the season. We know not every student we teach will play this spring, but to have that many boys and girls become knowledgeable about the sport is HUGE! I know you’re thinking how did I do all of this? Thanks to help from the University of DC Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse teams, board members, and awesome volunteers we were able to successfully discuss and teach aspects of the game to so many middle schoolers.

In between presentations, my attention has been focused on more logistical necessities such as scheduling, hiring coaches and officials, and preparing supply orders. I have also been busy creating a coaching manual for new coaches just picking up the game as well as our mentoring curriculum! With our numbers significantly increasing, we are in need of coaches and equipment (specifically helmets)! If you live in the DC area and are interested in helping out, please shoot me an email at lmunoz@winnerslacrosse.org. You can keep tabs on what we are doing through social media on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Snapchat (@Winnerslacrosse). 

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