Last time we talked about how to cradle, and we’re back to talk about how to throw a lacrosse ball! Throwing is one of the most basic, but essential, skills you need to learn to be a successful lacrosse player.  The fastest way to move the ball up the field is by passing it to a teammate, and the only way to score a goal is to shoot the ball into the net. Throwing may seem easy, but can actually be pretty hard if you’ve never picked up a lacrosse stick.

The throwing motion is similar to throwing a baseball. Your dominant hand  (right hand if you are right-handed) grips the stick about halfway down and will do most of the work. Your non-dominant hand should grip the bottom of the stick, and will serve as a guide. When getting ready to throw a pass, your feet and chest should be facing to the side, so that the side of your foot is pointed towards the player receiving the pass. For a right-handed player, you will step forward with your left foot, with your big toe pointing towards whoever you are throwing the ball to (lefties will step forward with their right foot and everything else will be reversed).

As you begin to step forward, raise your hands up to your chest while keeping the stick parallel to the ground. Pull your right hand back (away from the person you are throwing to), and your left hand should end up even with your right shoulder. Step forward with your left foot, and swing your right hand (and stick) over your right shoulder, while keeping your left hand steady on the bottom of the stick. The force of your right hand should propel the stick forward, which creates the throwing motion necessary for the ball to come out and fly towards your target. The final part of the throw is the follow-through. At the end of your throwing motion, the head of the stick should be pointed at the player you are throwing to.

Those are the basics to throwing a lacrosse ball! Make sure you check back in 2 weeks for our next how-to guide!