As I sit and write this last blog post at my last day with WINNERS, I can't believe how fast the last month has flown by.   Over the past four weeks I have thoroughly mastered the metro system and I have become a pro at weaving through the crowded DC sidewalks.  But this is a small part of what I can take away from my time at WINNERS.  My experience in this workplace has definitely prepared me for my years at college and my jobs in the future.  Below are a few major things working with WINNERS showed me the importance of.  

1. "Teamwork makes the dream work":  It is apparent that Matt and Lyndsey enjoy working together and I think that is a huge part of WINNERS' success.  While I have always applied this quote to sports, it has great importance in the work place.  Whether in the office or at the fields with the WINNERS coaches, there is cohesion in this organization that leads to a strong passion for what they do.  

2. Communication:  Communication is key in the working world, and I think because of our attachment to social media, teenagers sometimes blow off sending emails and other forms of professional communication.  Strong communication is necessary in a successful workplace and I have seen that at WINNERS.  Before I began my externship at WINNERS, one of my teachers who knows Matt told me something along the lines of, "Matt responds to emails so quickly, and for someone that busy, it is so impressive."  Solid communication is a bigger part of working than I think teenagers realize and I learned its great importance at WINNERS.

3.  Work Ethic:  While it seems obvious and self-evident, I think a strong work ethic is one of the most important things to being an accomplished individual in a workplace or being a successful organization as a whole.  The strong work ethic at WINNERS shows the high level of commitment to what they do and it makes for an organization that performs.

I am so grateful for the opportunity WINNERS has given me this past month and I will truly miss it!

- Sarah Jones