It has been two weeks since I began my externship with WINNERS, and unlike some of my peers, I can say I have been utilized.  I have written blog posts, gathered extensive data on D.C. elementary schools, and organized survey information.  I have also updated pages on the website and formatted emails to be sent.  I attend staff meetings and I joined Matt and Lyndsey for a conversation with the Woodridge Warriors Youth Organization about adding lacrosse to their program.  I come in every day knowing that I am going to have tasks to accomplish, and I am not just going to spend endless hours continuously scrolling through my Facebook page.  So while I have only been at WINNERS for a few short weeks, I have already garnered experience with being a part of a workforce, and I know for a fact that this will set me up to be more successful in the future.

While my weekdays with WINNERS are spent working in the office, on the 15th I had the opportunity to attend the annual end-of-season playday for the WINNERS middle school league that was held at Episcopal High School, my school.  That morning's weather was unseasonably cold and windy for May, but that didn't dampen the excitement that surged through campus when the kids started to arrive.  Gear in hand, they piled out of buses and onto their designated fields.  The teams spent the day playing games against other WINNERS teams and the few Baltimore teams that joined.  It was apparent that the kids were having a great time, but I had a blast as well.  To see the bleachers filled with, and the fields covered by, kids who were so genuinely happy to be there hanging out with their friends and competing with one another, reminded me of why I initially fell in love with the game.

So whether in the office or on the lacrosse field, my time at WINNERS so far has been incredible.  It has been an experience unlike anything I have ever done before and I greatly look forward to my last week!

Sarah Jones