Around this time is when most kids start freaking out because team tryouts are right around the corner. This made me think of how lacrosse has helped me prepare for these kinds of events, whether it’s a tryout or a job interview.

Lacrosse has totally changed my mentality and my work ethic. I have been through every situation you can think of when it comes to lacrosse. I have not made the team I wanted to make, I have failed my teammates when they needed me, and I have failed myself when I expected more.

However, throughout these trying experiences, I always made it through and learned something in the process.

Not making the team I wanted forced me to work as hard as I could so that I was better next time. Each time I thought I failed, I was forced to work even harder, and it has given me the work ethic I carry with me every day to make sure our programs are the best they can be!

Another important mental lesson I learned is that sometimes no matter how hard you work sometimes you still don’t make the team you want or the save you want. We never know why these things happen, but they do. There’s no limitations on just the lacrosse field, we all have had that test that we studied so hard for and yet still didn’t get the grade we wanted. Furthermore, you see tons of these situations on the news, with events we don’t understand happening to nice people.

However, through playing lacrosse I have learned how to deal with these events: always worry about the next one. Whatever just happened, is over and out of your control. All you can do is concentrate on doing better the next time or the next day or next drill, whatever it may be in the case.

For this reason, mentality was a piece I implemented into our character development in our MASTERS program. Learning how to deal with these situations, and knowing the difference between when you need to work harder and when circumstances are out of your control are so important for dealing with everything that happens on and off the lacrosse field.

I know that if it were not for the many experiences that have taught me those lessons I would not be the person I am today or have the position I do. Despite the difficulty of failure and disappointment I will always be thankful for what it has taught me. I hope this helps some of you who might be stressing about try outs, too. Every situation is what you make of it, all you can do is give it everything you have.