One of the most crucial pieces to the game of lacrosse is dodging. In order to score a goal, make an accurate pass, clear the ball, you have to be able to get past the person in front of you. Here are some moves to try out!

The Basics:

Split Dodge


Face Dodge

·     As you run towards your opponent, you will shift your stick to the side opposite the opposing player without switching your hands. For example, if you are a righty, you will carry your stick on your right side. As you approach the defender, you will keep your hands in the same position but you will move your right hand across your chest to the left side of your body. You will use your body to protect your stick.

Check out the many face dodge videos here:

Roll Dodge

Click this link to watch one of the best, Mikey Powell teach a roll dodge.

More Advanced:

Rocker Dodge

Swim Dodge (boys only)


Question Mark Dodge


Here are some compilation dodging videos from real games:

Thanks for reading and watching, until next time!