We have all heard about amazing people who choose to give back in various ways to their communities. You probably read our own story about 29 year-old Colin Dunn, who gave back a $25,000 value after hitting a hole in one (if not, read the story here). Well we’ve got another incredible story, but from an unlikely source: 12 year-old Jared Scheinberg.

It’s no secret lacrosse can be an expensive sport with so much gear required. At WINNERS, we provide the opportunity for boys and girls in DC to learn the game of lacrosse and the powerful life skills that are learned through the game, completely cost-free for our participants. We never want to turn anyone away from the sport because we don’t have enough equipment, which is why we are so thankful for people like Jared Scheinberg.

Jared plays lacrosse in Bethesda and has his Bar Mitzvah (a Jewish coming of age ritual) coming up soon. For his mitzvah project (a mitzvah is a good deed) he has made it his goal to raise $500. This is the cost for WINNERS to pay for one boy’s stick, equipment, and jersey to play lacrosse.

“Unfortunately, there are some kids in the DC area who can’t afford the equipment to play this great game. Therefore, I have made it my goal to raise at least $500 so another kid can have as much fun as I do,” said Jared.

To raise the money, he has created water bottles that say “We’re all WINNERS” on the front. He chose to put this quote on the bottle to “show that kids in DC aren’t playing lacrosse to be the greatest of all time, but they play to have fun. That is the most important thing while playing lacrosse and that is why WINNERS was made.”

We could not agree more!

Jared is selling the water bottles for $10 each, and is also collecting used lacrosse equipment to donate to WINNERS Lacrosse. If you are interested in helping Jared reach his goal, you can email him at 23jared@gmail.com

We are so glad to see people like Jared helping grow the game of lacrosse at such a young age, and we can’t thank him enough for his support! 

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