Former WINNERS player Malik Slye playing for Rosemont College.

Former WINNERS player Malik Slye playing for Rosemont College.

You might remember Malik Slye from our first "Where Are They Now?" post, telling his story about how he started playing lacrosse in 8th grade and last year completed his Freshman year at Rosemont College on a lacrosse scholarship. Malik is the first WINNERS player to earn a lacrosse scholarship to college.

After coming to love the game so much, he realized he had this passion for growing the game as we do. Since graduating from our program in 8th grade, he's been an invaluable asset on our coaching staff. Realizing he wanted to do even MORE, this past winter he reached out to us about running his own lacrosse camp. We were thrilled to hear that Malik wanted to join in our mission, and did what we could along the way. Below is Malik's account of how he came to that decision and how it went:

Who knew putting on your own camp would be so fun but yet so stressful. During the summer of my junior year of high school, I knew I wanted to do something to help grow the game. I didn’t know if I should only strung sticks or continue to coach with WINNERS. 

It hit me one day when I was shooting around. Why not create a company and/or organization where I could coach, string sticks, and even more? That’s when I knew I wanted to create something of my own to pass on my love of the game.

My thoughts didn’t become a reality until June 20th. After months of constant emailing, and phone calls with Matt and Lyndsey, I was able to put on the first Zero Gravity Lacrosse camp.

Zero Gravity Lacrosse Camp WINNERS Lacrosse

As the camp week came around, my anxiety began to kick in. The only thing I worried about was not having kids show up. I knew I wasn’t going to have more than 20 kids for the first camp but I wanted numbers. Throughout the week I had a consistent number of about 15 – 17 kids come out and participate.

Throughout the week it was expressed to me how much the kids were enjoying the camp and how the parents all wanted to thank me for giving back to the community.

Seeing all the smiles on everyone’s face, even my coaches, made me realize that I had done it. I had officially started something that I cannot give up. Something that I can be proud to say “this is mine, I started this.” And because of the success of my first camp and the help I received through one specific group, I would like to thank WINNERS Lacrosse for being there for me every step of the way. 

Zero Gravity Lacrosse WINNERS Lacrosse

Thank you Malik for sharing this, for inspiring other players that you can make your dream a reality with a little hard work and dedication, and finally for helping us grow the game in Washington, DC!