Games for our 2016 spring season have begun! District Lacrosse League teams (5th – 8th Grade) are already on their 3rd week of games! For those who have never watched lacrosse, there are a few big differences between the boys and girls games. One of these differences is the draw, or faceoff, which happens at the start of each game and after every goal.

Draws/faceoffs are extremely important in lacrosse since you can’t score if you don’t have possession of the ball! College lacrosse statistics have shown that teams with higher faceoff percentages generally have higher winning percentages. Winning faceoffs aren’t the only factor in winning games, but it always helps to have possession of the ball. So get out there and practice those faceoffs!

In girl’s lacrosse, the draw starts with opposing players facing each other in the center of the field. The two centers hold their sticks out with the back of the stick pockets touching each other. The referee then places the ball between the two sticks and each player applies a little pressure so that the ball stays trapped between the sticks.  When the signal is given to start, each player pulls her stick upwards and backwards to release the ball into the air. The ball is now live, and each team fights for possession to start the game.

In boy’s lacrosse, the faceoff starts with two players laying their sticks down horizontally on each side of the midfield line. The ball will be placed between the head of each stick, and the butt-end of the sticks should be pointing down the midfield line.  Once the whistle is blown, each player will fight for the ball by trying to gain possession.


Check out our kids in action every week! DC Stars games take place every Sunday, while District Lacrosse League games take place every Monday (girls) and Thursday (boys). Visit our website for more information at