Lindsay Harper was a WINNERS player who decided to come back and join the spring coaching staff on top of her own season and schoolwork. Read her journey below.

At my middle school, there were few athletic options, especially in the spring that appealed to me. I had spent my whole life running track but I was not passionate about it. My friend first introduced me to WINNERS Lacrosse when I was in the 7th grade. I would like to say it was love at first sight but that's not correct. I still remember the first day of practice. At the time, I did not like change.   I was so nervous, I refused to go on the field and went running and crying through the school.   That resulted in my mother and sister  having to chase me up three flights of stairs to talk to me and calm me down.  Although, once I  felt the exhilaration that came with catching my first pass,  I was hooked. 

The WINNERS program taught me everything I needed to know about lacrosse. It gave me a solid foundation for high school as well as boosting my competitive nature with the weekly games.  In Track, I just had to run my fastest and best.  I was dependent on myself.     In lacrosse, I had to be part of a team.   The program gave me a sense of belonging and drive because although I loved the game, my teammates loved it more.  We pushed each other to work together and do our best.    We did not win many games initially, but we developed a strong team.

In addition to Winners, I played for different middle school recreational lacrosse teams but I always found myself gravitating back towards WINNERS because of the community and feeling of “home”.

In 2013, I was honored to be the WINNERS Girls Player of the Year.   This was a great honor for me and my family was so proud. The lunch in honor was so wonderful and fun. 

I now play varsity lacrosse for Woodrow Wilson High School and my skills from WINNERS lacrosse are reflected out onto the field. Because the WINNERS program gave so much to me, I felt honored to be given the opportunity to coach on their current WINNERS Girls lacrosse team at my old middle school, Alice Deal.   Talk about coming full circle!    My time as a coach at WINNERS has been my pleasure as I know that this same team started my journey and love of lacrosse, and I am happy to give back.

I fully intend to continue the game of lacrosse at the collegiate level.  In order to get the best experience out of college, I intend to play on the club level. In addition, I hope to find a girls team as great as WINNERS to coach for in college. 

Thank you,
Lindsay Harper

Thank you to Lindsay for sharing her story, and we are thrilled to hear the impact WINNERS has had on her life and will continue to have! Lindsay was a great asset to our middle school coaching staff at Alice Deal and we hope to have her back for years to come!

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