WINNERS Lacrosse Denver City Lax

A little over a month ago, WINNERS sent Sebastian Gordon to a six-day camp hosted by Denver City Lax in Boulder, CO. Hear from Sebastian what he did and what he learned below:

In Denver I had a very good time. I did many things like improve my lacrosse skills, but also other activities as well. I learned things that will help me be a better lacrosse player as well as a better teammate and person.

This was a 6-day trip where everyone stayed on the campus of University of Colorado Boulder. Each person was given his or her own room key, which also gave us access to the dining hall so that we could eat. Although we had a lot of freedom, we still had rules so that we were all eating healthy and keeping our bodies in the best shape.  

I took a three-hour flight from Washington DC to Denver, Colorado. When I arrived to Denver it took a little while, but I eventually met Coach Eric and he drove me to the field where everyone got together and headed to the campus. We took a bus to University of Colorado Boulder’s campus. When we got there we got our rooms and roommates. They divided us up into teams. We stayed with the same team throughout the duration of the camp. Then that’s when everything started.

The first three days were all pretty much the same. On the day we arrived we ate lunch, had a lacrosse session, had a camp meeting, and then had one more session. Then we had another camp meeting. During the camp meetings each team has to do their role call. Also during the camp meetings, they would assign each team their points for the day based off of how well behaved and how well we presented ourselves around other people. Then we all would have about an hour to shower and then be in bed by 10:15, that was lights out. Then in the morning the coaches for each team would wake their team up around 6:00-6:15. We’d go downstairs and meet up with everyone and then we would do relay races for about 45 minutes. After the relay races we would go eat breakfast. Then half of the camp would an enrichment class where we learned about how to be a better person and teammate. The other half would go to practice lacrosse and focus on their lacrosse skills. Then everyone would switch. Afterwards we would meet back up at the dorms and then we’d all go to lunch. After lunch we got tours of the campus and of the new athletic facility. After we finished our tours we got to go to the recreation center and go swimming and play soccer or basketball. Then we returned to the dorms to get ready to go to dinner. After dinner we would scrimmage based off of our teams. After the scrimmages we came back to the dorms and had our meeting, which consisted of the role calls and the team points. We repeated this schedule for 3 days.

WINNERS Lacrosse Denver City Lax

The 4th and 5th days were a little different. On the 4th day they didn’t make us wake up as early and we didn’t have to do the relay races anymore. When we woke up we went straight to breakfast.  After breakfast we walked to ropes course. And then we came back for lunch. After lunch we had dorm time when we could just hang out in the dorms and chill with your teams. We had dorm time up until it was time to go to dinner. After dinner we had our usual lacrosse session and we did our scrimmages. Then we went back to the dorms, had our camp meeting, and went to bed. On the 5th day we woke up later than usual again! We ate breakfast, and then we got on the bus to go into the mountains where we would spend the day doing archery, panning for gold, fly fishing, horseback riding, and shooting BB guns at targets. We ate lunch there as well. After we were finished with that we returned to the dorms to have a bit of dorm time, until it was time for dinner. During dinner the coaches drafted teams so that during our last lacrosse session for the day, we would use those teams to scrimmage instead of our regular teams. After dinner we had our scrimmage with the new teams, and then we went back to our dorms for our camp meeting and then to pack and go to sleep.

On the last day we woke up and went to breakfast as usual. Came back to the dorms packed everything up and had it ready to go except for our lacrosse equipment. We went to have our final session of lacrosse. We used the same teams as the day before and we had one final scrimmage. After the scrimmage we went back to the dorms to have our final camp meeting. Then we went and got all of our things and packed them on the bus. Except for the people that were coming from out of state (including me). We packed our things on a van and we went to the airport. After we arrived to the airport, coach helped us as far as he could then dropped us off and told us where to go and what to do.

I liked a lot of things about this camp, but I think my favorite thing was the ropes course. At the ropes course there were a variety of things that you could do. You could do rock climbing; the leap of faith (which is where you jump off of a high platform to hit a ball), and you could climb these other really cool obstacle courses. Also there were team-building exercises that we did to help build trust in each other. These are the types of things I like to do with teammates, which is why I think this was my favorite parts.

To me lacrosse is my favorite thing to do. I could play lacrosse all day everyday if I could. This trip to me was an opportunity for me to practice and get better at something that I really love and care about. While being there with many people that I don't know and they all play lacrosse, it's almost like we already have a connection. The fact that everyone there played lacrosse made it so that it didn't feel as much like I was making new friends at a new school. It was more like getting used to people I already knew. I'm much more comfortable interacting with them on and off of the field now. Off of the field this experience has made me such a better person. It has made me more respectful to other people by practicing sportsmanship, and it has made me more open-minded to my peers. It has made me a better leader to stand up and help others and to make sure I'm bringing others up and not putting them down. It has taught me fairness and equality by having teammates that all respect each other. Also it has taught me to trust people. I trust my teammates to have my back and to help me out as well as I do for them. 

In conclusion I had a great time in Denver. I think I learned a lot from this experience, as well as my coaches and even my teammates and new friends. I would definitely love to return to this camp! Finally, I really appreciate the opportunity that I was given by WINNERS.