2015 WINNER of the Year Niomi Quick checks in with how she's doing in high school. Read more below.

My love for Lacrosse started in 2012 when my Mom signed me up for a WINNERS clinic.  At that time I was into Tennis, Swimming and Taekwondo and wasn’t really happy about trying this new sport. I am so happy my mom didn’t listen to my protest because I came home and told her THIS IS THE ONLY SPORT I WANT TO DO NOW! The coaches helped me discover so many things and it gave me real passion for the sport. When the opportunity came to join an actual team with WINNERS I never put my stick down. I was clumsy with it at first but something about the team experience kept me motivated, I got stronger and more determined every day.  

I remember the season ending and school starting there was no Lacrosse for me at school Washington Latin.  After a few weeks, my mother shared that Lacrosse was coming to Latin and WINNERS coaches would be there for us to learn more about playing the sport. It was a brand new sport for our school so there wasn’t much interest. If we wanted to keep Lacrosse at Latin we had to get more players motivated.  Thankfully, a few parents and students stuck in it and now it is one of the thriving sport options at Washington Latin. I loved it so much I’d play any position needed, I’d play the full games with no rest when we were short players, I came early and stayed late just to help.  My ambition for the sport awarded me MVP two years consecutively. 

WINNERS continued to support my growth by offering clinics and other opportunities. When I finally aged out of the program it was a little sad for me but Matt Breslin,Lyndsey Munoz and others continued to keep me a part of the WINNERS family. To my surprise one day an email came and it said I was nominated as WINNER OF THE YEAR 2015.  I know the players, I know how many great players that have come through the WINNERS program, this nomination meant so much to me! I work hard and I love this sport. The honor was humbling and the pride I saw from my parents, family and friends is something I’ll never forget. I plan to transition into coaching opportunities this year with WINNERS to try and give back all that I have received.  I am now in the process, of finding a university and scholarships to continue my education and love for the sport.  When I’m at the collegiate level as a player I will have WINNERS to thank for my skills and amazing foundation as a player.


Niomi Reign Quick

WINNERS Player of the Year 2015