“Lacrosse makes friends.” This is what my Stanford University lacrosse team said as our mantra during our team trip to Japan over a year ago. Despite our cultural differences and language barriers, we were all able to make new friends through our love of this great sport.

After completing our survey analysis of our spring and summer programs, this message continues to ring true. Our WINNERS Lacrosse players attend 57 different schools and live in nearly 20 different zip codes in Washington, DC. Players responses show 99% of players made a new friend participating in WINNERS Lacrosse programs!

Not only are WINNERS programs connecting boys and girls throughout different sections of the city, but actually teaching them HOW to make friends wherever they go!  This skill will serve them well throughout their lives on and off of the field!

One of our District Lacrosse League players, 5th grader Tusani Jackson, said “Playing lacrosse with WINNERS is fun. It’s a time to learn lacrosse and get better at it and while you're learning you meet new people, you make new friends, and you just build friendships with people and just be happy.”

Pinpoints of schools (left) vs. zip codes (right) of WINNERS Lacrosse Participants

Pinpoints of schools (left) vs. zip codes (right) of WINNERS Lacrosse Participants

After conducting pre-season and post-season surveys, players in our spring leagues self-rated improvements in their confidence, respect, communication skills, and work ethic. In addition, ratings increased for their enjoyment of the sport of lacrosse throughout the season. Lastly, nearly all participants said they want to continue playing lacrosse and would recommend WINNERS to their friends. Seems like we can look forward to many more participants joining our programs in 2015-2016!

This spring, we were able to execute the very first DC Elementary School league that featured over 120 boys and girls. WINNERS Lacrosse finished the second year of the only middle school lacrosse league in DC, the District Lacrosse League, with over 300 participants! We have proudly reached over 600 boys and girls through our Spring and Summer programs, nearly DOUBLING the numbers we reached this time last year! These numbers are just incredible! We wouldn’t have done it without the great coaching and support/administrative staff we have on our team! Thanks to everyone for your hard work and dedication to the WINNERS Lacrosse program!!

With our successes and feedback from the season we are very excited to continue to #growthegame this fall by starting our inaugural Fall Ball league! Details can be found at www.winnerslacrosse.org/leagues and registration is now open!! We are in need of coaches for this new league too, even if you aren’t familiar with lacrosse, we would love any help we can get!

Any questions regarding our programs can be directed to me (Lyndsey Munoz), at lmunoz@winnerslacrosse.org