Last week, WINNERS Lacrosse and Executive Director Matt Breslin celebrated the completion of 1 year of work with the capacity building specialists – Fair Chance (!

Fair Chance improves the lives of children in Washington, DC's most underserved communities by selecting promising youth-serving nonprofits and providing them with free comprehensive expertise in organizational management.

Our partnership model – up to 500 hours per nonprofit – results in stronger organizations and significant and lasting benefits for the children they serve. 

WINNERS Lacrosse went through a rigorous application and screening process for a Fair Chance partnership opportunity in 2014 and we are so grateful that we were selected! 

Through a lot of hard work, WINNERS was able to increase its bandwidth in the 8 core areas that Fair Chance focuses on (board development, strategic visioning, program evaluation, fundraising, human resources, outreach and communication, financial management and leadership development). 

We would like to thank Fair Chance and especially our fantastic Capacity Building Specialist, Kaajal Shah, for all their help and support.  It was a wonderful year and it was capped off with a FANTASTIC graduation ceremony at the Studio Theatre last Monday, April 20th.

Here are 2 videos from the graduation ceremony that we wanted to share:

Executive Director’s (Matt Breslin) Graduation Speech -