Malik Slye was one of our awesome players at WINNERS, who has now become a great asset on our coaching staff. Originally from SE DC, Malik played football and basketball until he was introduced to lacrosse through the WINNERS program. Now he plays all three sports at KIPP DC College Prep. The following was written by Malik about how lacrosse has impacted his life.

 I am currently 17 years old, attend KIPP DC College Prep, and have been playing lacrosse for over 4 years. I love lacrosse so much, I would like to play the sport until I’m too old to play it anymore.

 Lacrosse is an amazing sport because it allows me to demonstrate my experience, leadership, and athletic skills. I enjoy every single part of the sport whether it’s running, scrimmaging, practicing, or playing in the games. I like not only how I am able to pass the ball to my teammates and cheer them on, but also the cheering from teammates after I score a goal gets me really excited.

 I believe in sportsmanship and leadership. My idea of the sport is to play as a team. Whether we win or lose a game, we stand as a team. In my opinion, we are one force, which makes the game so exciting. It takes a team effort to become a championship team.

 I love to win at the end of the day. This is why I am a member of WINNERS Lacrosse. WINNERS is an organization that creates WINNERS on and off the field by bringing joy, love and knowledge of lacrosse and mentorship to the inner city youth in Washington, DC. I started WINNERS as a player at the age of 13, I played the game of lacrosse with WINNERS until age 15.

 After age 15 I couldn’t play anymore, due to the age limit.  However, I didn’t leave—I decided to transition into a coach because I have a passion to give back to the youth and pay it forward.

I love coaching and teaching younger kids how to play lacrosse because it brings me joy and peace to be able to be a part of such an amazing sport.

 I will continue to play lacrosse in high school, and I plan to play lacrosse in college.